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Doctor Gregory Alan Zemenick – affectionately known as Dr. Z – embarked early in life on his quest to educate himself and his colleagues on the history and nuances of early American toys and banks. He started in the late 1970’s along with an enthusiastic young group of collectors from various walks of life. Named the “Detroit Crew,” but comprised of enthusiasts from states throughout the Union, the group has been an annual

fixture at the Mechanical and Still Bank Collectors Club meetings since the early 1980’s. Among others, the group includes well-known collectors such as Larry Feld, Barry Seiden, Jim Rocheleau, Tim Walsh and Jimmy Potts. Throughout the decades the members of this group went on to be important leaders of the Bank Club with many of them serving as President, Officers or Directors of the organization. They have hosted numerous conventions and given many lectures on the importance of toys, banks and the historic record they represent. Dr. Z was the leader of the group. He blazed a trail of honesty and integrity in our field during a time when those two traits were more the exception than the rule. Through his leadership in the club, and by educating fellow collectors he met along the way, this orthopedic surgeon from Detroit helped influence some of the most prolific collectors today – ourselves included. Greg is coming to the end of this quest and is eager to start a new one with his wife Bernadette by his side as they move domiciles to be nearer to their grandchildren. He told me that he is saddened by the sale of his collection, but he is thrilled that, as his finale, the items sold will perpetuate the cycle for the next generation of great collectors. He assures us all that his love for the material will never diminish and that he will always be a collector at heart. As if to prove that he will still be involved in the field, he informed me that just last week he purchased a great bank from its original family. This type of transaction was the basis of his collection. “I’m not done collecting” he replied, “I’ll see you at the next convention”. We hope you use this opportunity to add a wonderful “fresh to the market” piece to your collection. It represents over 40 years of exploration and some truly special pieces.


Please join us in June for the auction of Dr. Z’s still banks and folk art and then again on October 27, 2018 for the sale of Dr. Z’s mechanical banks, toys and folk art.


Ray Haradin, Leon and Steven Weiss

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