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Auction Announcement 


April 4th and 5th, 2020


Fantastic European Toys 

Marklin, Georges Carette, Bing, Citroen, Ingap, Martin, Lehman


From the Collection of a Distinguished Gentleman. 


All told, approximately 700 European Toys will be sold over two days!

The sale will also include hand selected additions of Mechanical Banks, Still Banks,

Cast Iron Toys and Folk Art. 


Plan on  attending this important event. 











Auction Recap

Friday, November 8th and the 9th, 2019

June 1, 2019 - Auction Update

On June 1, 2019, RSL Auction Company completed its 30th auction and the results were quite strong. The highlight of the sale was the Bowing Man in the Cupola Bank (Lot 521) sold for $126,000.  This unique and rare bank was formally in the collections of Donal P. Markey and Frank Kidd and is the finest of two/three examples.


Other strong results included Lot 234, an American Tin Floor Train that sold for $10,800, Lot 520, a Springing Cat Bank that sold for $6,300 and Lot 282 a Parade Fire Bucket that sold for $7,800.


We are presently organizing a 2019 Fall Sale that will include a 40, plus year collection of 450 still banks and about 75 mechanical banks of the Kevin and Anne Flaherty. These collections will be supplemented with quality toys, banks and folk art.

Please Note:  To download the June 1, 2019 catalog or the Prices Realized - 

Just click on the corresponding images above

World Records were set during RSL Auction Company’s

March 23rd and 24th Auctions 


Lot 114 Bear Stealing Pig  $3,900

Lot 236 Prancing Horse - Large Wooden Pattern $1,140

Lot 239 Snickering Bonzo $3,120

Lot 244 Dog Smoking Cigar $2,760

Lot 246 Chanticleer $13,200 Second Highest ever

Lot 247 Canadian Beaver $13,200

Lot 318 Jolly N. on Aluminum Base $1,800

Lot 326 Little Joe - Type I $1,200

Lot 528 Safe with Six Dials $9,600

Lot 607 Mascot Bank $3,480

Lot 681 Columbia Bank - 2nd Largest $3,000

Lot 687 Ironmaster's House - Large Combination Door $6,600

RSL Auction Company kicked off their 2019 auction schedule with a two-day sale on March 23rd and 24th, 2019.  The festivities begin with the sale of the Elliot and Liz Harold’s gorgeous single owner sale. Included were about 425 Still Banks lots, 50 paperweight and doorstop lots, 150 Black Memorabilia lots and 25 Mechanical Bank lots


The Harold’s collected from the 1980’s until recently. They are excited to know their precious objects are going to the homes of many of their collector friends! Friday evening, March 22nd, those who attended, enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and lively conversations!  


The Sunday sale included approximately 350 windup toys from the thirty-year collection of Ms. Sandy Fubini.  Included in this group were 65 Lehmann toys, mostly boxed. She spent significant time and effort upgrading this Lehmann toy collection. Many of these examples are in Pristine Condition and several of the boxes are really rare and possibly unique. The sale also included about 50 Penny Toys, 30 American Tin and Clockwork Toys and 110 Mechanical Banks!

Download the Prices Realized for the Sale by clicking on the image below.

RSL Auction 30_Page_001.jpg
SOLD LOTS LIST060119_Page_1.jpg
24512 RSL Cat 31_Page_01.jpg

Click on image above 👆🏼to  download a copy of the CATALOG or PRICES REALIZED here

SOLD LOTS LIST110919_Page_1.jpg
April 4 & 5, 2020
April 4 & 5, 2020
April 4 & 5, 2020
April 4 & 5, 2020


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